Why are Keyrings Such a Good Gift?

Personalised keyrings are what we’re best known for at Create Gift Love – we’ve been designing and making unique keepsake keyrings for almost ten years now and we have all sorts of options on offer, from personalised photo keyrings to leather keyrings embossed with your name and wooden keyrings engraved with a calendar date. Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient, keyrings are consistently our most popular product, whether it’s a gift for a new daddy’s first Father’s Day, a sentimental present for your wife’s birthday or a matching gift set for newlyweds on their wedding day. So if you’ve ever wondered “are keyrings a good present?”, or what "makes keyrings so popular?", read on. Here are five reasons we think keyrings are such a great gift. 

  1. Everyone needs one

House keys, car keys, shed keys, locker keys – pretty much all of us will use keys at some point during the day (probably more often than you even realise). Keyrings are an easy gift for any recipient – young, old, male, female. You won’t need to worry about whether your choice of gift is too niche, or whether the person receiving it will get round to using it – whoever you’re buying a gift for, they will definitely be able to make use of a keyring. And if for whatever reason this person doesn’t carry keys with them, they can always clip their new keyring to a bag, zipper or pocket, so it definitely won’t go to waste.

  1. You can’t have too many

The great thing about keyrings is that you can never have too many, so it doesn’t matter if the person you’re shopping for already has one they use. There’s even a name for someone who collects keyrings and keychains, it’s “Copoclephile’ if you’re wondering. You can only wear one pair of socks at a time or drink from one mug per tea round, but there’s technically no limit to the number of keyrings you can have on your bunch. Some people separate one keyring per key, others like a jangly bunch with all the keys in their pocket at once. Whatever their style, they will happily welcome another keyring to their collection 

  1. You can take them wherever you go

When you’re giving a gift to someone special it’s about more than just the physical present itself – it’s about connection, thoughtfulness and appreciation. It acts as a message to the recipient that they are loved and cared for, which is a rather lovely thing really. Our personalised gifts in particular are designed to capture your most treasured memories to share with the ones you love and help celebrate their special moments. The brilliant thing about keyrings is that you can take them with you wherever you go, so when you choose one of our personalised keepsake keyrings as a gift, the person you give it to will always have a piece of you with them, and will always be reminded of how you made them feel.

  1. They’re useful

Because everyone needs one and you can’t have too many (see points one and two!), keyrings are a gift that won’t get neglected or forgotten about – they’re practical, purposeful and can make life a lot easier. How long have you spent trying to fish for your keys at the bottom of a bag or debated whether the bunch you’ve picked up is actually yours? A fun keyring gift will make your keys much easier to find and identify, there’s no denying that they’re useful. Keyrings aren’t always something you’d think to buy yourself, but chances are you probably do need one! 

  1. They’re all different

With keyrings it’s definitely not a case of seen one, seen them all. There are so many different types of keyring – big and chunky, pretty and delicate, colourful, classic, personalised, branded – that adding another keyring to someone’s collection will never risk duplicating. And the best way around this is to have one made especially for them – which is where Create Gift Love come in. When you choose one of our handmade personalised keyrings the options are (almost) limitless – you can personalise with any words, phrases, dates and photos you like, as well as colour, leather and wood options, making your gift something that’s completely one of a kind.

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