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Do Keyrings Make Good Christmas Gifts?

Do Keyrings Make Good Christmas Gifts?

In the lead up to Christmas our thoughts turn to finding unique and thoughtful gifts for our loved ones – family, friends, colleagues, partners, children. With so many people to buy for Christmas shopping can feel like a mission, but it doesn’t have to be. At Create Gift Love we have the Christmas gift shopping solution: it's keyrings.

When it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, keyrings might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, for over a decade, personalised keyrings have consistently been the most popular Christmas gift with our customers.

In this blog post we will be answering the question: do keyrings make good Christmas gifts; exploring why keyrings are a great present and sharing four different suggestions of keyring Christmas gift ideas from the personalised gifting experts at Create Gift Love.

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Are Keyrings a Good Idea for Christmas?

You might not think it, but keyrings (or keychains, in the USA) do make brilliant gift ideas, for Christmas and a whole host of other occasions. Although they may be seen as unassuming, everyday items that we use all the time without giving much thought, so much can be said with a simple keyring – especially if it’s a personalised one.

As we’ve talked about previously on our blog, personalised keyrings make great gifts because they are practical, useful yet can be highly sentimental too (you can read more about the reasons keyrings make great gifts here). Unlike the many well-meaning Christmas gifts that end up gathering dust under the bed, you can almost guarantee that whoever you give a keyring to will have a use for it. But what makes personalised keyrings so special is not the practical nature of them, but the story behind them.

Personalised keyrings is where keyring gifting comes into its own. We’re not talking about the souvenir name keyrings that are found in tourist gift shops, we’re talking about high quality, handcrafted and heavily customised keyrings that have been made specifically with the recipient in mind. The personalised keyrings we make in the Create Gift Love workshop hold more than what meets the eye: they are tokens of love that are made to capture the essence of the relationship between gift giver and receiver, crafted from your memories and meaningful moments shared. They are presents that show thoughtfulness, sentimentality and are practical as well – that’s a lot for a little Christmas gift.

Christmas Keyring Gift Ideas

As they are our favourite gift idea, we have personalised keyring options suitable for every occasion, from Father’s Day to anniversaries to milestone birthdays. Next, we will share four different keyring gift ideas to help solve your Christmas shopping conundrums.

Personalised Keyrings: The Secret Santa Solution

Secret Santa is a fun and festive Christmas tradition where everyone in a group is allocated one other person to buy a Christmas gift for in secret, the identity of each person’s Secret Santa only being revealed after the gift exchange. Often Secret Santa is played in the workplace or a similar large social group, which means you might not always know the person you’re buying for all that well on a personal level. Still, if you’re anything like us you will want to find your Secret Santa recipient a gift that’s thoughtful rather than generic.

Group of colourful handmade keyrings with different personalised names

This is where personalised keyrings come in. As we’ve said, personalised keyrings make great Christmas gifts because they are useful, practical yet thoughtful too, and Secret Santa is no exception. Our Personalised Leather Debossed Keyring in particular is perfect for giving as a Secret Santa gift, even if you don’t know the person very well.

These handmade leather keyrings can be customised in so many different ways. You choose the shape, the colour, the font style and the personalisation to make a completely customised keyring gift. Unlike our photo keyrings or other highly bespoke designs, the debossed keyrings do not rely on a deep personal connection to personalise them. As long as you know the person’s name and have a rough idea of the colours they like you can create a fun Secret Santa gift that will show the recipient that thought has been put into their present.

So, is a keyring a good Secret Santa gift? We think so.

First Christmas Keyring Ideas

A first Christmas is always a milestone worth celebrating. Whether it’s your first Christmas with a new baby, the first Christmas in a relationship, your first Christmas as a married couple or your first Christmas in a new home – whatever the life stage, a first Christmas is one to remember. So what makes a good first Christmas present to mark these milestone moments?

Wooden keyring with an engraved calendar and message 'The day you became my daddy'

Our “The Day You Became My…” Personalised Calendar Keyrings are the perfect personalised Christmas gift for this kind of occasion. The wooden keyring is engraved with a calendar design marking a special or significant date, with a personalised caption beneath. “The day you became my Daddy” makes an adorable gift from a new baby, marked with their date of birth, or “the day we became Mr & Mrs” makes a lovely first Christmas gift idea marked with your wedding date.

This small personalised keyring gift tells a meaningful chapter in your life story and can be carried with you always as a reminder of that first Christmas together and the thoughtful gift that came with it.

Photo Keyrings for Family Memories

Christmas is the time of year to reflect on what’s happened over the last 12 months – the memories, the experiences, the days you won’t forget. The idea of giving a Christmas gift to capture and celebrate those meaningful family moments is a lovely one to do.

Brown leather keyring with four family photos inside

So what’s the best keyring for preserving family memories? Our Personalised Multi-Photo Leather Case Keyring is designed to hold four of your most precious photographs, a perfect snapshot of your year. You could choose a family photo from each of the four seasons or a montage of moments from your favourite days out. This personalised keyring makes a great family Christmas gift for your partner, parents or grandparents.

The Keyring Gift for Everyone on Your List

So far we’ve discussed Secret Santa keyrings, first Christmas keepsakes and family photo keyrings, but what about everyone else on your Christmas shopping list? There are always so many people to buy for: friends, parents, partners, siblings. What if there was a one-size-fits-all gift to help ease the Christmas shopping stress, which could be tailored for each individual person?

Group of leather photo keyrings with Christmas gift wrapping

Let us introduce you to our Personalised Metal Photo Keyring. A handcrafted leather keyring holding a photo plate inside, personalised with a name or initials and a sentimental engraved message. These keyrings have been our most popular photo keyring gift every year, since we originally designed them back in 2016. Available in a range of different colours and styles, the keyrings are completely customisable, each one telling a different story of the relationship you share with the recipient.

These personalised keyrings tick all the boxes and by customising one for each person on your Nice List, you can get all your Christmas shopping done in one hit.

So there we are, four different Christmas keyring gift ideas for all your festive shopping scenarios. If you want to find our more about the personalised keyrings gifts we offer at Create Gift Love head to our keyring collection page, and if you still need help choosing the right one, just contact our friendly team who can point you in the right direction.


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