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Our workshop is equipped with two state-of-the-art printers, offering crisp, vibrant print work with an incredible level of detail. Our printers allow us to offer a full colour printing service directly onto a unique range of materials including wood, leather, metals and acrylics. From bespoke printed signage to logo branding on gift packaging and corporate promotional items, our printing service is perfect for clients seeking vibrant eye-catching products.

We utilise specialised inks that dry instantly due to our methods of printing. The innovative process leaves no opportunity for ink droplets to seep or spread, unlike conventional air drying, which ensures a sharp, crisp finish. The process is incredibly quick meaning we can cater to large product quantities with a short lead time. Our printed products are also less prone to scuffs, scratches and fading, and they are weather resistant.

Both our printers have an A2 flatbed, giving us scope to print larger signs as well as large quantities of small items such as our promotional keyrings. The nature of our printing process means we can print on nonporous materials such as metals and acrylics, which conventional printing would not achieve, and our specialised inks make it possible to print on materials such as leather. Our printing process is also much kinder to the environment as it is not solvent based, meaning no harmful substances are released into the air.

Examples of our printed work include branded clipboards for commercial events, reverse printed acrylic lanyards and logo printed gift boxes for corporate gifting.

Interested in how professional printing could help your brand? Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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