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Are Keyrings Still Popular? A Deep Dive into Keychain Trends

Are Keyrings Still Popular? A Deep Dive into Keychain Trends

Are keyrings still popular? That's a question that might surprise you.

The humble keyring, after all, has been around for decades.

A staple of gift shops, tourist attractions and makers (like us!) worldwide, these little trinkets have long held sway over our hearts and keys alike. One might wonder if the charm of the customary keyring is diminishing in an era where digital locks are becoming more widespread.

Yet despite technological advancements, keyrings remain incredibly popular.

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When did keyrings become popular?
Are keyrings still popular?
Popular keyring trends and styles
Frequently Asked Questions

When did keyrings become popular?

The rise of tourism and the boom in property ownership during the 20th century were pivotal moments that propelled keyrings into popularity. As more people began to explore different corners of the world, they sought tangible reminders from their travels - souvenirs that are affordable yet meaningful.

This led to a surge in demand for items like souvenir keyrings featuring famous clock towers or cheerful novelty hen night gifts, readily available at small shops across various tourist destinations.

In parallel with this trend was another significant development - car ownership became commonplace among households. This shift meant an increase in both car dealerships with branded wares (like merchandise keyrings) and car keys themselves which needed distinctive tags for easy identification; thus designer keyrings emerged as both practical solutions and style statements.

Tourism's Influence on Keyring Popularity

Keychains have always held a unique position within travel memorabilia due to their versatility and widespread availability. Tourists could choose from metallic ones showcasing popular landmarks, favourite local brands or other memories from the holidays, catering to diverse tastes while still serving as functional keepsakes.

An innovative spin-off has been shopping trolley token key rings combining functionality with nostalgia - maintaining relevance even today.

Rise of Property Ownership & Designer Keychains

Growing affluence in the 20th century ushered increased property purchases, consequently leading towards more house keys requiring attractive identifiers. Enter designer keyrings. These accessories offered sleek options allowing individuals not only to distinguish one set of keys from another but also to add an element of sophistication reflecting personal style preferences.

No longer just utilitarian objects, these trinkets evolved into status symbols indicating taste and wealth, especially if you sported Christian Dior dangling off your set.

Are keyrings still popular?

The popularity of keyrings has remained steadfast over the years. Despite technological advancements and the advent of smart locks, traditional keys for cars and homes are still a staple in our daily lives. Consequently, attractive key chains continue to serve both functional and aesthetic roles.

In fact, some might argue that keyring collections have gained even more traction due to their versatility as personalised gifts or promotional items. They can be customised with names, logos, or messages, making them perfect keepsakes for individuals, events or brands.

Trends in Keychain Popularity

In recent times, there has been an increase in designer keyrings trending on fashion runways globally. From Christian Dior to other favourite brands, men's designer keyrings have become coveted accessories, adding a touch of luxury to everyday items like car keys and house keys.

Beyond high-end labels, though, cheerful novelty rings also hold their own appeal among consumers who prefer something fun and quirky over expensive items. 

Variety is Key(ring)

The variety available when it comes to modern-day keyrings is staggering - from metallic designs featuring famous clock towers like Big Ben (perfect souvenir shop finds) to innovative versions like shopping trolley token types, which combine utility and style and highly personalised keepsake keyrings like the ones we make at Create Gift Love, there is a keyring style for every individual's taste.

A Timeless Classic

Essentially, while trends may shift according to seasonal patterns and cultural influences, one thing remains constant - people continue to love these small yet significant tokens because they're personalisable, reflecting individual tastes and preferences while serving a practical purpose too.

Key Takeaway: 

Despite the rise of smart locks, keyrings remain a beloved staple due to their dual functionality and personalisation options. From high-end designer pieces to novelty items and practical multi-tools, they reflect individual tastes while serving a practical purpose - proving that variety truly is the 'key(ring)'.

Popular keyring trends and styles

The world of keyrings is constantly evolving. From fun novelty keyrings to designer ones, the range available today is truly astonishing.

Oversized Plush Toy Keyrings

In recent years, there has been a growing trend for oversized plush toy keyrings. Not only are they adorable, but these oversized plush toy keyrings can be very useful for finding your keys quickly in a large bag or handbag.

Moreover, these delightful novelty keyrings can spark interesting conversations and be customized to suit personal preferences, making them perfect gifts for loved ones.

Trending Designer Keyrings

Moving away from novelty items, there has been a surge in popularity for designer keyrings. Brands known for their exceptional craftsmanship offer attractive options that serve not only as accessories but also as fashion statements.

Metallic designs have become increasingly popular due to their sleek appearance and durability. They often come with additional features, such as attached shopping trolley tokens, making them highly functional.

Bespoke Personalised Keyrings

In the last 10 years there has been a huge increase in the number of bespoke personalised keyrings available online, like the ones we make at Create Gift Love. These customised keepsake keyrings make very popular gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, Mother's Day and Father's Day, and can be personalised with bespoke messages, dates, initials and photographs making a beautiful, thoughtful gift for loved ones.

FAQs in Relation to Are Keyrings Still Popular?

Are keychains still popular?

Absolutely. Keychains remain a favourite for personal use, promotional items, and collectables due to their practicality and versatility.

Is there a demand for keychains?

Yes, the global market for keychains continues to grow, driven by novelty designs, personalised options, and corporate branding needs.

Is selling keychains a good business?

Selling keychains can be profitable if you offer unique designs or customization services that cater to various customer preferences.

Do people collect keyrings?

Certainly. Collecting keyrings is quite popular as they are small, affordable, and come in an endless variety of styles representing different themes or locations.


Keyrings have been with us for decades, a testament to their enduring popularity.

The rise of tourism and the growth in car ownership propelled them into our lives as cherished souvenirs and functional accessories.

Even today, despite the emergence of digital locks, keychains continue to hold a firm place in our hearts and pockets.

Trends may come and go, but the appeal of keyrings remains constant. They have evolved from simple metal rings to intricate designs reflecting personal style or fandoms.

Create Gift Love, your go-to for personalised gifts, is here to help you keep up with this timeless trend. Be it a personalised spin on a classic reminder of your travels or a meaningful customise keepsake keychain to celebrate a milestone in your life, we have the perfect present for you.