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Valentine's Day: Unique Gift Ideas for Your Man

Valentine's Day: Unique Gift Ideas for Your Man

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Why do we give gifts for Valentine’s Day?
Popular Valentine’s Day gifts for him
Why personalised gifts make Valentine’s Day special
Our top personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Why do we give gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Valentines gifts are typically given on 14th February, St. Valentine’s Day, as a sign of our love and affection for romantic partners or potential suitors. We give Valentine’s Day gifts to express feelings of love and show others how we feel, with traditional symbolic Valentine’s Day gifts like red roses, or a more personal modern take on Valentine’s Day with heartfelt personalised Valentine’s Day gifts that are catered to the individual.

Valentine’s Day has a long, rich history, originating way back in ancient Rome, long before it was associated with cards and flowers. As the years went on, Valentine’s Day moved away from its spiritual origins and began to be commercialised, with developments such as pre-printed Valentine’s cards and heart-shaped chocolate boxes appearing in the mid-19th century.

All of this has contributed to the reason we give gifts for Valentine’s Day, but what are the most popular Valentines gifts for him?

Cards, chocolates, flowers and meals out are the first things that spring to mind when we think of gifts for Valentine’s Day and they are cliched for a reason: their popularity never falters, year after year. Talking about Valentines gifts for men specifically, the most popular gifts include clothes, aftershave and alcoholic treats.

These easy options are readily available in supermarkets and on the high street – perfect for a very last minute Valentine’s gift – and they can be thoughtful, especially if it's a known favourite brand for example. But are they the most romantic or impactful? In our next section we will explore why personalised gifts can make Valentine’s Day special.

Why personalised gifts make Valentine’s Day special

Perhaps more than any other occasion in the celebration calendar, Valentine’s Day is about the connection between two people and the bond that holds them together. At Create Gift Love we design and make personalised gifts that celebrate these connections and capture your love in a heartfelt keepsake, a physical embodiment of your thoughtfulness.

That’s what makes personalised gifts so special on Valentine’s Day, they show that you have taken real time and consideration into finding a gift that speaks to the love shared between you and your partner, something specifically for them to make them feel valued.

More than any supermarket gift which could have been selected by anyone, personalised gifts like ours are forged from shared memories and experiences, telling a love story that could only come from you.

You and your partner might well roll your eyes at the idea of Valentine’s Day and all its somewhat soppy cliches, but giving personalised gifts marks the day in a way that’s really about you and your love, not the off-the-shelf kind. Next, we will share our top five personalised gifts for him that will be sure to put a smile on his face this Valentine’s Day.

Our top 5 personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Personalised Metal Photo Keyring With Leather Case

Black leather photo keyring

Starting with our most popular gift for him, our Personalised Metal Photo Keyrings. (You can find out more about why keyrings make great gifts here).

This handmade keepsake keyring can be personalised at every level, from the outside in. A luxurious leather casing, embossed with initials or a name, opening to reveal a personalised photo hidden inside. This beautiful keepsake can be carried with him always, looking smart and subtle from the outside yet filled with sentiment within.

The beauty of this keyring is that you can go as personal as you like, whatever suits your partner best. You could add the first letter of your two first names with a cute heart stamped in between, with a couple's photo inside, inscribed with a romantic dedication for his eyes only. Or, if you’re not the lovey dovey type, stick with his initials and a family photograph. Either way, this gift will show him that he is valued this Valentine’s Day and will be reminded of a meaningful moment the two of you shared.

Personalised Cufflinks from Man & Bear

For a luxurious personalised Valentine’s Day gift for him, visit our brother brand, Man & Bear. Designed and made in the same workshop as Create Gift Love, Man & Bear is the home of handcrafted luxury leather and suit accessories for him, made for all of life’s adventures.

The Man & Bear personalised cufflinks are a particularly smart Valentine’s gift, perfect for the suited and booted man or for dressing up on special occasions, like your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. The cufflinks are a classic sophisticated and understated style which is subtle on the surface yet filled with personal hidden details: an engraved message on the circumference, secret personalisation on the underneath, and presented in a beautifully crafted personalised leather case.

Wooden Photo Coasters

Wooden coaster personalised with photo of couple

Another photo gift idea for Valentine’s Day is our personalised wooden coasters, printed with any photograph of your choice. The beautiful solid wood with intricate natural grain will look smart on your partner’s desk with the printed smiling faces keeping him company while in the office. We offer photo coasters with engraved messages or personalised names of the couple.

Our personalised coasters also make a lovely idea when paired with his favourite drink for an extra special gift.

Personalised Couples Leather Keyring Set

Personalised leather keyring set for couples - Create Gift Love

We have already mentioned the importance of connection when choosing Valentine’s Day gifts and there is no better way to show it than our matching two-part keyrings. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced vegetable tanned leather, the keyrings make a smart and practical accessory.

These subtly personalised keyrings are each stamped with one of your initials and half of an ampersand sign, symbolising that you are two parts of a whole, which is only revealed when held together. A lovely understated personalised gift with plenty of sentimental value.

What3Words Location Keyring

Leather Keyring with What3Words engraving - Create Gift Love

Our final recommendation is our What3Words leather keying. If you’re not already familiar, What3Words is a map system, more advanced than coordinates, which gives a three word name to specific squares on the map, allowing you to name a very precise location.

As a gift, the three words act as a secret code, pointing to a significant location for you both: the site of your first date, first kiss or the place you got married. The engraved keyring makes a deeply personal gift that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, with a hidden meaning, understood only by the two of you.

So there we are, with five great personalised gift ideas to give your boyfriend, husband or partner on Valentine's Day, why stick to the same old clichés? For more Valentines gift ideas and inspiration, visit our full collection of Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts.

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