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What Flowers to Get for Valentine's Day: A Guide

What Flowers to Get for Valentine's Day: A Guide

Deciding what flowers to get for Valentine's Day can be a daunting task.

You want to make the right impression, but there are so many options. Where do you even start?

The truth is, choosing the perfect bouquet doesn’t have to just be about picking pretty blooms (unless you want it to be!). It can say so much more, being about understanding what each flower symbolises and how that reflects your feelings towards your loved one.

So let's delve deeper into this topic of what flowers to get for Valentine’s Day, helping you choose a gift that truly speaks from the heart.

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The language of flowers
Creating a customised bouquet
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Final tips for choosing the perfect Valentine's flowers

Choosing the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers: A Love Language

The giving of blooms on Valentine's Day has been a long-established demonstration of adoration and fondness. But how do you choose the perfect bouquet that truly expresses your feelings? Let’s take a look into the symbolism of different flowers and what they mean around Valentine’s Day.

Roses: The Classic Symbols of Love

Roses have always been associated with romance, making them an ideal choice for expressing passionate love. Specifically, red roses are classic symbols of romantic love and enduring passion.

However, don't overlook other colours like pink which represents admiration or white ones that stand for purity and innocence.

Tulips: An Unconventional Choice

Moving beyond traditional choices can make your gift more memorable. Tulips might be less conventional than roses but they carry profound meanings too.

A red tulip is most strongly associated with true love while purple tulips denote royalty. Pink tulips express care and attachment – a subtle yet powerful message.

Mixed Bouquets: Personalised Messages

If you want to add personalisation to your floral gift, consider mixed bouquets. Combining different types of flowers allows each bloom to represent unique sentiments tailored towards your loved one.

  • An arrangement including lilies could signify devotion,
  • Sunflowers might hint at adoration,
  • While daisies could embody innocent love.

In essence, every flower speaks its own language - understanding these meanings helps us craft the best message from our hearts.

Creating a Customised Bouquet for Valentine's Day

Looking for the ideal bouquet to express your love on Valentine's Day? Look no further. Our guide will help you select the perfect flowers that symbolise love and add romance to your special day.

Here are the steps you can take to create a unique and meaningful bouquet:

1. Choosing Your Flowers

The first step in creating your special gift is selecting the right flowers. While roses are the classic choice for Valentine's Day, especially red ones that symbolise deep love and respect, you have other options too. Tulips signify perfect love, while lilies represent purity and sweetness. Consider these alternatives to make your bouquet stand out.

2. Adding a Personal Touch with Colours

Choosing the shades of your blooms can give a personal touch to your arrangement. Each hue has its own meaning in the language of flowers. Pink signifies admiration or gratitude, making it ideal for expressing thanks. White suggests innocence and purity, which can be perfect for new relationships. Incorporate these colours into your bouquet to convey your emotions.

3. Including Extras for that Special Someone

In addition to meaningful blooms and colours, consider adding small extras to make your gift even more special. Charms, Valentine's cards or handwritten notes can add a personal and sentimental touch. If sustainability is important to you and your partner, opt for eco-friendly wrapping materials such as paper or fabric wraps.

Creating a customised bouquet is easier than you think. What matters most is the thought behind every stem chosen. So, put your heart into crafting the perfect bouquet that will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

Select the Right Colour

Valentine's Day flower arrangements revolve around the choice of colours. Red, as you might expect, takes centre stage, symbolising love and passion.

However, to some people red roses can be a bit cliché, so let's not focus solely on red. There are more colours in the Valentine’s Day palette to explore.

The Charm of Red

There's no denying it: red roses remain a classic choice for Valentine's gifts. They shout romantic love and deep affection. They're timeless and never fail to make an impact.

Looking for darker shades? Try crimson roses for an expression of unconscious beauty or burgundy ones for unspoken attraction. Each hue tells its own unique story.

Pink: The Gentle Contender

If you're seeking something less fiery but equally heartfelt, pink flowers are the way to go this Valentine’s Day. Admiration and appreciation find their expression in these blooms.

Light pink hues whisper sweet innocence, while hot pink varieties shout out gratitude loud and clear.

A bouquet mixed with both red and pink blossoms can convey layered emotions—a perfect way to express deeper feelings towards your special someone.

White: An Ode to Pure Love

If you're looking to move away from convention and explore more meaningful options, consider white flowers. They embody purity, sincerity, and true love beyond passionate romance.

Note: Always remember that individual preferences matter most when selecting flower colours—it makes any gift truly personal.

Discover the Perfect Valentine’s Flowers for Your Budget

Navigating through countless flower options for Valentine’s Day might seem overwhelming, but fear not. Discovering a great bouquet at a great price is simpler than you might suspect when you realise where to search and what factors to take into account.

1. Shop Around Different Retailers

The first rule of thumb in finding the best price? Don't settle at the first shop you come across. Take time to explore various online flower delivery services like Bloom & Wild, or traditional high street florists such as Interflora. Bear in mind that prices can fluctuate based on your location and chosen delivery date.

2. Factor In Delivery Costs and Timings

Beyond just looking at product prices, it’s crucial to consider additional costs like delivery charges which can be substantial during peak periods like Valentine’s Day. Ensure you're familiar with each store's delivery rules prior to settling on a purchase.

To sweeten the deal further, why not order ahead of time? Some retailers offer early bird discounts if orders are placed well in advance - so don’t procrastinate.

3. Choose Your Blooms Wisely

Your choice of flowers also plays an important role in determining how much you'll spend this February 14th. While roses are undoubtedly popular for this occasion, their demand surge around this period often results in higher prices. Consider other beautiful options like lilies, tulips, or carnations, which can be equally romantic and may offer better value for money.

Final Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Valentine's Day

Selecting the Ideal Delivery Service

The first step is to choose a reliable delivery service. You will most likely have the option of standard or express delivery. While standard services are more cost-effective, they do take longer to arrive. This is something to consider if you're placing a last-minute order. If you've selected rare or delicate blooms, it may be worth exploring specialised flower courier services. These experts know how to handle sensitive items and ensure that they arrive in perfect shape.

Timing is Everything

Next, consider the timing of your delivery. Make sure to select a time slot that suits both your schedule and the recipient's availability. Most couriers offer morning or afternoon options, which can be quite convenient. Keep in mind that popular dates like Valentine's Day tend to get booked up quickly, so it's wise to plan ahead whenever possible.

Avoiding Mistakes

Last but not least, always double-check the shipping details before confirming your order. Even a small typo could result in your flowers being delivered to the wrong address, and we certainly don't want that. If there are any specific instructions, such as leaving the package with a neighbour, be sure to clearly communicate these to the delivery service. This will help prevent any unnecessary hiccups along the way.