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Gift Ideas for Dad

Gift Ideas for Dad

It's a well-known fact that dads can be hard to buy for. When you need a gift for your dad it often feels like he's the man who has everything or that you don't know what he would really like. How many times have you needed a gift idea for dad and come to complete blank, not a clue - it can feel impossible! Fortunately that doesn't always need to be the case. Create Gift Love have 10 years of experience in designing and creating amazing, thoughtful, personalised gifts that celebrate all of life's important moments, big and small, and we're certain we'll have some gift ideas for your dad that he'll love.

Whether it's dad's birthday, Father's Day or Christmas is coming up, there are lots of special occasions throughout the year when you need a gift for dad or you might just want to treat him to something he'll love (after all, dads like special thing too). Maybe dad is retiring, getting married or has done something amazing that needs congratulating - it turns out you need more gift ideas for dad than you might think! With so many important dates in the calendar you'll want to find something unique for dad, different to what you've bought him before and better than he could have imagined (and don't even get started on sibling rivalry when it comes to gift giving!). So, what are the best gifts for dad?

A survey from Finder, the UK's faster growing comparison site helping consumers make better decisions about their money, found that 50% of Brits receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas (that's an estimated 21 million of us). When it comes to finding a special gift for dad you won't want to be included in that number; the key to gifting success is focussing on the things that make dad, dad. Think about his hobbies, his interests and the things that are important to him. Create Gift Love's customisable bespoke gifts can each be personalised with words, photos, messages and pictures to ensure dad's gift is as unique as he is. Whether it's something that reflects his love of sports, something funny engraved with one of his classic Dad jokes to reflect his wicked sense of humour, or something personal printed with a family photo to celebrate your special memories. With our brilliant gift ideas you can guarantee dad's present won't be part of that whopping 21m.

So, whether you need a gift for a new daddy, a step-dad, a dad who's just come a grandad, a father who lives far away or a soon-to-be-dad, let Create Gift Love be your guide - think of us as a fountain of gift ideas. All our bespoke keepsake gifts are handmade in the UK from sustainably sourced natural materials and are all personalised and customised!

Read on to learn more of our amazing gift suggestions for Dad...

Personalised gifts that will make Dad cry

As a gift company, there's no customer feedback quite like hearing that one of our personalised gifts made someone cry (for all the right reasons, of course). It's a sign that the keepsake we've made has pulled on their heartstrings and will be truly treasured for years to come. Some dads don't cry often but we know that really they're all sentimental and emotional deep down. If you need a tear-jerking heartfelt gift for dad on a special occasion, Create Gift Love has you covered.

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Gift ideas for the dad who wants nothing

We've all been there – it’s dad's birthday coming up or you're planning your Christmas shopping list and need to find a festive gift for dad, but when you ask what he wants he simply tells you "nothing". While the idea that just your love is enough is a truly special thing, you don't want to turn up at the party or celebration empty handed. If you have a dad who wants nothing or a dad who has everything, the trick is to find something he didn't know he wanted or needed yet! Create Gift Love have plenty of unique gift ideas for Dad to solve the hard-to-buy-for problem.

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Unusual gift suggestions for Dad

Beer cases and BBQ tools are all well and good, but sometimes when it's time to buy dad's birthday present, father's day gift or a Christmas present for dad, you want to find something a little unusual, a more unique gift that dad wouldn't buy for himself. After all, a celebration is the perfect excuse to treat someone special to something they wouldn't usually choose. Create Gift Love are experts in unusual and bespoke gifts so we're sure to find something for your dad that is out of the ordinary and as unique as he is.

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Gifts that a new dad will love

Becoming a father is one of life's greatest joys, a moment truly worth celebrating above all else. ​Whether you are looking for a gift to congratulate a new dad on the birth of his baby, or you're celebrating his first birthday, first Christmas or first Father's Day as a new daddy, you'll want to find a gift he'll love that's fitting of the occasion. Create Gift Love have a whole host of ideas to celebrate the day he became a daddy that we can guarantee he'll treasure.

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Unique gifts toddlers can make for Dad 

If there's a little one in your house you'll be used to seeing arts, crafts and toddlers’ drawings all around the rooms. Dad will be sure to have things his toddler has made dotted everywhere but when it comes to a gift occasion you and your little one will want to make him something extra special. Whether it's dad's birthday, at Christmas or Father's Day, Create Gift Love have perfect bespoke gifts made using your toddler's drawings and writing that Dad will be sure to treasure.

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