6 Personalised Gifts That Will Make Dad Cry

Whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day or his birthday, there will be times when you want to find a special gift for your dad to show him how much he means to you. Dads (on the whole!) aren’t always the most outwardly emotional, but there might well be moments you’ve caught him welling up. If you’re looking for a thoughtful personalised gift that will bring happy tears to dad’s eyes, read on for 6 personalised gifts that will make dad cry (or pull at his heartstrings at the very least!).

 1. Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case

Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case

Our Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case is a bestseller at Create Gift Love and definitely a popular one for dads, whatever the occasion. The custom made leather keyring features Dad's favourite photo printed on a metal plate and wrapped in a monogrammed leather case - a subtle yet sentimental gift which is sure to get dad all misty-eyed. You can also add a secret message engraved on the back of the keyring just for him and make it as soppy as you like!

One happy reviewer said:

I thought the best way to support my 5 stars would be with my Dad’s reaction. We got this keychain for him with a picture of him and his grandmother when he was younger on the inside. He truly never cries, and this touched him so much. He carried it around all day. This gift was priceless.

Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case - £29 - available in tan brown, black, navy blue, blush pink and mint green leather


2. Personalised Multi-Photo Leather Envelope Keyring

 Personalised Multi-Photo Leather Envelope Keyring - Create Gift Love

If you don't think one photograph is enough to make Dad cry, our Personalised Multi-Photo Leather Envelope Keyring could be the perfect gift for him! Featuring three of your favourite photos printed directly onto beautiful natural leather and folded into a clever envelope shape, this personalised present is like a mini photo-album he can take wherever he goes. It's a heartfelt gift that's full of nostalgia and is sure to prompt some happy tears when you give it to Dad.

Personalised Multi-Photo Leather Envelope Keyring - £35 - available in tan brown, black and blush pink leather


3. Personalised Wood Telegram 

Personalised Wooden Telegram - Create Gift Love

Sometimes you just have to say it from the heart - the greatest gift can often be your words. If you're looking for a unique way to send a heartfelt message to your Dad, how about our Personalised Wood Telegram? This unusual personalised gift is designed to look like a traditional telegram but made from beautiful walnut wood with your message engraved - it's a greetings card that he'll want to keep forever. What you write is entirely up to you so you can get as emotional as you like, leaving Dad welling up when he receives it in the post. 

Personalised Wood Telegram – £12


4. Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring

Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring - Create Gift Love

The Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring is a real tearjerker and makes a touching gift for anyone special, and that includes your Dad. Our handmade leather keyring looks subtle from the outside, stamped with traditional debossed lettering, and pops open to reveal a handwritten message printed inside the leather, in an actual copy of your handwriting. All we need is a short handwritten message from you and we then print this directly onto the leather, making a super personal, touching keepsake gift. You could handwrite a message to give your dad, use it as a keepsake of your toddler or child's handwriting (perfect for a Dad with young children) or for a truly heartfelt keepsake the keyring can be used to remember someone special, giving Dad the priceless gift of a memory of someone much missed.

One review said:

I cannot speak more highly about this item. Bought for myself and my sisters for our first Mother’s Day without our mum, with her writing inside. Fantastic friendly communication from the seller, my items (I bought 3) were finished and posted within 24 hours. Beautifully wrapped, myself and my sister treasure them. Thank you.

Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring - £21


5. Personalised Leather Card Wallet With Photo Insert

Personalised Leather Card Wallet With Photo Insert - Create Gift Love

 If your dad is someone who appreciates the finer things and enjoys a little luxury, you may struggle to find something of well-made premium quality that also has the sentimental cry-inducing factor! Look no further than Create Gift Love's Personalised Leather Card Wallet With Photo Insert. The handcrafted leather wallet is made in the UK from luxury quality leather and has all the features Dad would look for in a classic slimline leather card wallet, but the added bonus of personalisation and a hidden photo card inside makes it all the more special. The front of Dad's wallet can be subtly stamped with his initials so looks great on the outside and the hidden photograph inside makes a sentimental surprise. He'll love it.

Personalised Leather Card Wallet With Photo Insert - £70 - available in tan brown or black leather


6. Personalised Leather 'Day You Became My....' Keyring

Personalised Leather 'Day You Became My....' Keyring - Create Gift Love

Whether he's a new daddy or an old timer, one thing that's guaranteed to get him misty-eyed is a memory of the day you were born. Some dads don't cry often (or pretend they don't, at least) but the day they became a father would have been undeniably emotional. Our Personalised Leather 'Day You Became My....' Keyring marks that day on an engraved leather calendar, pocket sized so dad always has the memory with him. If you are looking for an affordable gift that will make dad cry, this one is a great idea.

Personalised Leather 'Day You Became My....' Keyring – £15 - available in tan brown or light natural leather

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