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10 Unusual Gift Suggestions For Dad

10 Unusual Gift Suggestions For Dad

Finding the perfect present for dad is always a tricky job, whether it's for Christmas, Father's Day or his birthday. Beer cases and BBQ tools are all great options, but sometimes you just want something a bit different. Fortunately Create Gift Love have plenty of unique personalised options that are perfect for dads of all ages. Read on for 10 unusual gift suggestions for dad and find something out of the ordinary for someone who is extraordinary!

1. Personalised Leather Photo Bookmark

Personalised Leather Photo Bookmark - Create Gift Love

The obvious gift for a book loving dad would be another novel to add to his collection, but if you want something more unusual how about our Personalised Leather Photo Bookmarks? Perfect for keen readers or a dad who wants to read more, the bookmarks can be printed with personalised messages and your favourite photos.

Personalised Leather Photo Bookmark - £16


2. Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring

Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring - Create Gift Love

Our Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring makes a beautiful and unusual keepsake gift for dads, printed with an exact copy of your child's handwriting. It's a lovely way to remember their first written words and makes a unique gift that dad will treasure.

Personalised Leather Handwriting Keyring - £21


3. Personalised Family Plant Labels

 Personalised Family Plant Labels - Create Gift Love

Perfect for green-fingered dads or keen gardeners, our Personalised Family Plant Labels are a fun unusual gift that will get the whole family gardening. The colourful plant markers can be personalised with each family member's name or with the plants and herbs that dad loves to grow.

 Personalised Family Plant Labels - £16 - set of five


4. Personalised Plectrum Holder Leather Keyring

Personalised Plectrum Holder Leather Keyring - Create Gift Love

If you need an unusual gift for a musical dad or wannabe rock star, check out our Personalised Plectrum Holder Leather Keyring. The keyring can be personalised with his initials and holds a guitar pick so dad will always be ready for a performance. He will love this cool gift idea.

Personalised Plectrum Holder Leather Keyring - £22 - available in tan brown, sky blue and black leather


5. Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case

Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case

The ultimate personalised keyring - featuring dad's favourite photo, personalised initials and a secret message hidden inside. Keyrings are a great gift idea for a dad as it's something he will definitely use and can be taken wherever he goes. This unusual keyring gift is a bestseller at Create Gift Love and loved by dads all over the world.

Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case - £29 - available in tan brown, black, navy blue, blush pink and mint green leather


6. Personalised Wooden Cufflinks

Personalised Wooden Cufflinks - Create Gift Love

Cufflinks are another popular gift idea for men so if you want to go traditional but unusual, our Personalised Wooden Cufflinks are a great suggestion. They are handmade from solid wood and can be engraved with initials, dates or short messages. Dad will love wearing them to the office or on special occasions.

Personalised Wooden Cufflinks - £26 – available in walnut or maple wood


7. Personalised Photo Coaster with Message

Personalised Photo Coaster with Message - Create Gift Love

This handmade wooden coaster beats a beer mat any day of the week and is an unusual gift that dad will love keeping on his desk. The solid wooden drink coaster can be printed with any photo of your choice and an engraved message, giving dad some friendly company on his tea breaks.

Personalised Photo Coaster With Message - £18 – available in oak or walnut wood 


8. Personalised Wooden Luggage Tag

Personalised Wooden Luggage Tag - Create Gift Love

This unique gift is perfect for dads who travel a lot, whether for work or on holiday. Our Personalised Wooden Luggage Tags are a travel essential - they can be engraved with Dad's personal details and will be super easy to spot on the baggage carousel!

Personalised Wooden Luggage Tag - £19 – multiple designs available


9. Personalised Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve

Personalised Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve - Create Gift Love

For coffee loving dads, our Personalised Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve is the perfect unusual gift. The reusable eco-friendly cup sleeve can be personalised with his name and a colour and design of his choice. This unique gift can be used again and again, saving him from coffee cup mix-ups and burning fingertips!

Personalised Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve - £24 – colour and design options available 


10. Personalised Wood Telegram

Personalised Wooden Telegram - Create Gift Love

If you're looking for an unusual way to send a message to dad or for an alternative greetings card, our Personalised Wood Telegram is a great suggestion. Designed to look like a traditional telegram, the handmade wooden keepsake can be engraved with your special message for dad to treasure or display for years to come.

Personalised Wood Telegram – £12

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