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Working with your Dad: Father's Day Quiz 2018

Working with your Dad: Father's Day Quiz 2018

Working with your Dad: Father's Day Quiz 2018

They say to never work with children or animals, but what about when your own son is the boss? Create Gift Love has always been a family oriented business with husband and wife directors, Tony and Emily at the helm, and lots of family members lending a helping hand along the way. The longest-standing relative at Create Gift Love is John, Tony's dad and five year member of the production team.

With Father's Day fast approaching, John and Tony took a little time out from the busy workshop to talk about what it's like to work together, and to play a little game!


"It’s stressful working together, but only because I know I’ve got to do a good job! I think I work harder here than I have in any other job – I can’t slack off, I’d feel too guilty! I enjoy working with Tony because it means I get to watch him achieve, and that’s all you want as a dad…that, and a good Father’s Day present. When your son runs a gifting company you expect nothing less!"


"It can be challenging working together, he can be a good employee but he's not always easy to manage. My dad always knows best, or so he thinks! I do really like it though, it's comforting to know he's here. I like seeing him when I come into work each day and I know I can always rely on him."



The Challenge

Remember the Mr and Mrs game? There's no better way to see how well a couple knows each other. To test their relationship, both as father and son and as colleagues, we put Tony and John to the test, with some not unsurprising results!


Who is most punctual?

John: Father / Tony: Father

Match! "And he knows it too," says Tony.


Who makes the best tea?

John: Father / Tony: Son

Zzz! "I would argue me," says Tony, "but he'd definitely say him."


Who is more organised?

John: Son / Tony: Son

Match! "Got to be him," says John.


Who has better music taste?

John: Father / Tony: Father

Match! "It's probably him to be fair," admits Tony.


Who gets more stressed?

John: Son / Tony: Father

Zzz! No agreement here.


Who is more productive?

John: Son / Tony: Son

Match! John ummed and erred but settled with Tony.


Who keeps a tidier work space?

John: Father / Tony: Son

Zzz! "He's worse than me!", says John, but Tony disagrees. 


Who is chirpier in the mornings?

John: Father / Tony: Father

Match! "I'll give him that one", says Tony.


Who makes the most mess?

John: Father / Tony: Father

Match! They agreed on this one, as did the rest of the team (!)


Finally, who is really the boss?

John: Son / Tony: Son

Match! It's always good to know who's in charge.


It's solid 7/10 matches isn't a bad result from our Father-Son duo. And let's face it, they were never going to agree on the tea debate were they?


Wishing you a Happy Father's Day from all at Create Gift Love x

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