What Love Means to Us

Every day at Create Gift Love we set out to help our customers spread love with our collection of beautiful personalised gifts.  Valentine’s Day is the number one day for celebrating love, and this year we’re taking time to reflect on love in all its forms.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, from the grand romantic gestures, to coffee shared with friends, to the tiny hand-prints you find climbing the walls after messy play. We’ve been asking the CGL team what love means to them and for their gift recommendations for all the ones they love this Valentine’s.


Katie, Designer:

Love is…

“For me, love is all about sharing new experiences together and creating wonderful memories in the process. There's no better way to do this than by going on some awesome and adventurous holidays! My husband and I have been lucky enough to go to India, Sri Lanka and New York in recent years and often reminisce about the funny situations we found ourselves in and the wondrous things we saw."

My gift recommendation is…

“… the Personalised Wood Luggage Tag which I designed after being inspired by our travels. I’m always sure to strap it to our bag when we go away – once he’s finished packing it!”

Personalised Wood Luggage Tag - £16



John, Production Supervisor:

Love is…

“Love is a combination of everything really – your partner, your best friend, your family, your soulmate. It’s about communication and solving problems together as a team. My wife and I are the perfect match – I still get the flutters after 39 years.”

My gift recommendation is…

“…the Personalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case – it’s one of my favourite CGL products. The debossed leather looks so smart – it’s personal but subtle – and being able to carry around a photo of your loved ones makes it even more special.”

personalised-metal-leather-photo-keyring-create-gift-lovePersonalised Metal Photo Keyring with Leather Case - £26



Georgia, Creative Assistant:

Love is…

“Love is whatever makes your heart happy, whether that means the people around you or the things you fill your time with. For me, my heart feels most full of love after spending time with my closest friends. Even after years of friendship we can still make each other ache with laughter, and they are the support network that’s seen me through.”

My gift recommendation is…

“…the Personalised Wood Social Media Photo Block. My best friend is the queen of Instagram and she loved the block I gave her last birthday. It’s a fun way to capture memories and remind the ones you love of the great times spent together.

personalised-wood-social-media-photo-block-create-gift-lovePersonalised Wood Social Media Photo Block - £19



Toby, Production Assistant:

Love is…

“Love, for me, is when you feel so passionately about something that you want to dedicate part of your life to it.”

My gift recommendation is…

“…our Personalised Leather Purse. I love the idea of giving things that I’ve made myself, and working in the CGL workshop means I get to do this every day. Leather is my favourite material to work with so I really enjoy making our leather purses.”

personalised-leather-purse-create-gift-lovePersonalised Leather Purse - £55



Jenny, Production Assistant:

Love is…

“It’s about being on the same level as someone, being understanding and helping each other solve problems. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed over a cup of tea and a chat. When it come to the things you love, you should always go with what’s in your heart, not just what other people think you should do.”

My gift recommendation is…

“…the Wooden Coaster Jigsaw Set because it’s the best accessory for those all-important tea breaks! I really love the way the two pieces join like a jigsaw – like me and my boyfriend, it’s a perfect fit.”

personalised-wooden-coaster-jigsaw-set-create-gift-loveWooden Coaster Jigsaw Set - £29



Emily, Director:

Love is…

“Simply being with my family – it fills my heart with so much joy. There are lots of sloppy toddler kisses, hugs that I want to last forever and a great deal of time spent pretending to be monsters! Before becoming a mum, I didn't realise how much love my heart could hold, and even though it can be tiring and messy, it's the best kind of love.”

My gift recommendation is…

“…our Personalised Photo Hexagon Set. It’s been such a joy to record the lives of my two children through the photographs we take. The Photo Hexagons are a really unique way to display our memories and we always have fun making new shapes on the walls.”

personalised-photo-hexagon-set-create-gift-love Personalised Photo Hexagon Set - £17


Inspired by our suggestions or want to find out more? Check out our Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts here, and until 14th February 2018 you can receive 30% off the whole Valentine’s collection with the code LOVE30 at the checkout!

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