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Welcome to our Workshop

Welcome to our Workshop


Have we ever told you that all our lovely products are made to order in our very own workshop, here in the UK? We’re pretty proud of that fact! With Christmas approaching, the team are getting super busy, and we thought it was about time that we let you have a peek inside.

From raw materials through to finished product, it’s all done under one roof. Designing and making everything ourselves means that we have total control over the quality of our products and we make sure everything is top notch before it leaves us. We’ve got a small but skilled team working in all areas of the business and they’re experts in what they do. Just call us your Christmas Elves!

Unlike your typical gift shop, all we stock is raw materials, which means that nothing goes to waste because we can always turn them into something lovely. We’ve had a new storeroom built recently to keep materials in, which is really exciting for us as it means that we have even more space in the workshop to make things for you. Our storeroom is packed with sheets of wood, acrylic, stainless steel and leather, in all different colours, sizes and types. Everything is ethically sourced and that’s crucial to us. The storeroom is where all our products start their day, and then we get making!












Down in the workshop, we have dedicated areas for each individual process, whether it be our laser area for engraving, our hot stamping press for personalising leather, or our sanding room and oiling bench for preparing our wood items. All our products are passed through the team, and given the time and attention they need in each area before completion. Once we’re happy that they’re finished and looking great, they move over to our dispatch bench. And if we’re not happy? We keep working until we are! It’s as simple as that. Our dispatchers have a super keen eye for detail, and they check each item individually by hand for quality control before matching it to the name and address of the customer. We then package everything up in our wide range of gift boxes, and send them on their way!

It’s a pretty quick turnaround, even when we’re busy. Typically, we’ll have an order made, checked and sent out the doors the following day after it has been placed.

Over the years we’ve developed a streamlined manufacturing process, and the case is the same, whatever the time of year. Whether we’re in a flurry of wedding gifts over the summer or deep in festive orders after the Black Friday weekend, we always stick to our core values: UK making, ethical sourcing and environmental awareness.

We’re hoping to give you some more behind the scenes insights in the new year, so watch this space for more, and let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see. For now though, we’d better put our best elf hats on and get cracking!




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