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What do you give on a 5th wedding anniversary?

What do you give on a 5th wedding anniversary?

What do you give on a 5th wedding anniversary?

What do you give on a 5th wedding anniversary?

Five years, half a decade, the same amount of time you spent in secondary school – however you want to look at it, a fifth wedding anniversary is definitely something to celebrate. So, if you’re soon to be celebrating your 5th year of marriage or know someone who is, you might be wondering what gift to give on a five year anniversary?

Like the more well-known Golden Wedding to celebrate 50 years or the 40 year Ruby Wedding, the fifth wedding anniversary also has its own suggested gifts and milestone materials. The five year flower is a daisy, the fifth anniversary gemstone is rose quartz, and the modern gift is silverware, but the most traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood. Yes, our first and favourite material to use at Create Gift Love, wood is the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary and we are here with personalised wooden keepsakes to help solve your fifth wedding anniversary gift dilemmas! Read on for personalised fifth wedding anniversary gift ideas for him or her. 

Why is wood the fifth anniversary gift?

Trees are said to be a symbol of strength and wisdom, and it’s thought that these characteristics will also be present in your relationship after the first five years of marriage. Wood is strong, durable and weathers and ages beautifully. 

Wood’s natural beauty makes it wonderful for celebrating five happy years, and its source symbolises a now grounded and deep-rooted relationship. As well as roots, wood represents natural growth, from a young sapling to a tall, grand tree – a marked development from the traditional gift of paper for a first anniversary. The grain running through each piece of wood makes it completely unique and shows its history: the twists and turns a reminder of this growth, and what the tree (or couple) has been through to get where they are five years later. 

What are some wooden gift ideas for a five year anniversary?

There are so many ways you can interpret a wooden gift: a piece of furniture, the planting of a tree or simply a date day wandering through a forest together. At Create Gift Love we specialise in heartfelt personal keepsakes that your loved ones will treasure for years to come – if you ask us, nothing beats a unique, personalised gift. If you’re in need of some fifth anniversary inspiration, here are 5 recommendations of personalised wooden gifts. 

  1. Personalised Wooden Keyrings

Personalised Wooden Wedding Keyring Set - Create Gift Love

Personalised keyrings are always a popular choice at Create Gift Love – a useful and practical yet heartfelt gift that the recipient can take with them wherever they go as a reminder of the person who gave it to them. Our classic ‘Never Forget’ wooden calendar keyring can be engraved with your special wedding date and a message marking the day they became your husband or wife. We also make matching jigsaw keyring sets in the same calendar design which are perfect to give a couple, representing how well they fit together.

  1. Personalised Wooden Photo Block

 Personalised Wooden Gift Photo Block - Create Gift Love

Our personalised photo blocks make a unique way to display your special memories, with your favourite photographs printed on a block of solid wood. The  beautiful natural wood grain can be seen peeking through your photograph and you can also engrave the photo block with a personalised message to celebrate your fifth anniversary. Our photo blocks are available in rich walnut wood or light maple wood and each piece is completely one of a kind. 

  1. Personalised Hexagon Photo Wall Art Set

 Personalised Photo Wooden Hexagon Wall Art Set - Create Gift Love

Another photo-themed gift idea for a fifth anniversary is our hexagon wall art set. This unusual piece allows you to create a gallery wall or a photo timeline which you can add to throughout the years as your love story continues. The standard set includes five photo prints so you could use a photograph from each year of your marriage so far, or you could use the set as a way to reminisce over your wedding photos or early memories of your relationship. 

  1. Personalised Wooden Coaster Set

 Personalised Wooden Coaster Jigsaw Set - Create Gift Love

These wooden coasters are the perfect fifth anniversary gift for couples, or for you to give your partner as a gift for the two of you to share. The coasters are engraved with ‘we fit together’ a fun reference to the jigsaw shape and a sweet sentiment for a wedding anniversary. The coaster are made from beautiful oak wooden with a deep and characterful natural grain.

  1. Personalised Wooden Luggage Tags

Personalised Wooden Luggage Tags Wedding - Create Gift Love

Our wedding luggage tag gift set also makes a wonderful gift for a wooden anniversary, the perfect excuse for the two of you to book a holiday or trip soon! Our solid oak luggage tags can be engraved with Mr or Mrs on the front, your personal details on the back and are finished with luxurious leather buckle straps. They’re a great option to give to your partner or a couple you know who are celebrating five years together.


Create Gift Love are experts in personalised wooden keepsake gifts and have a whole host of other unique ideas such as personalised wooden cufflinks, engraved wooden chopping boards and wooden photo keyrings. Visit our website for the full collection.

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