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Create Gift Love - New Branding 2021

Create Gift Love - New Branding 2021

Create Gift Love - New Branding 2021

Hi, hi, come on in. Spotted anything different around here?

Yes that’s right, we’ve redecorated. Say hello to our new look website, branding and shiny new logo which just launched this week. After six years with our original logo we decided it was time for an update and to bring a slightly new feel to Create Gift Love. We’re still the same small business you know and love, creating heartfelt personalised keepsake gifts here in the New Forest, but now with a fresh lick of paint.

We’ve always wanted Create Gift Love to be a place that’s warm, welcoming and familiar – an online corner that feels a bit like a hug, and we think our new branding has achieved just that. We worked with the wonderful branding designer Hannah Hubbleday to bring the “CGL vibe” to life and we’re thrilled with the finished look. Our new colours are friendly, joyful and nostalgic, and our logo emphasises connectedness, bringing together the three parts of our name and reflecting the bond that’s formed when passing on a treasured gift.

Create Gift Love Branding Mood Board

On the surface our brand name can be read with a quite a literal meaning – create a gift they’ll love – which certainly holds true to what we do, but for us the name communicates so much more. It summarises the love, thought and attention that our team pour into designing and crafting our products, and it also represents the time, care and consideration our customers take when choosing what to express on their gifts, be it with a favourite photograph or a meaningful personalised message. Our personalised products aren’t simply novelties or impulse purchases with a quick name stuck on – they are real treasures and beloved keepsakes that capture the most special moments and memories collected through your life.

We see Create Gift Love as three stages; a cycle with you at the centre.

As you journey through life, day by day, memories are created – sometimes they’re milestones, sometimes they’re mundane – and it's those moments and experiences that are so often captured by our gifts. The exact date and time you became a parent, a lyric from the song that played as you walked down the aisle, or simply a photograph from a family walk that will always be remembered (for the right or the wrong reasons). We are all creating every day, whether we realise it or not.

Gifting is about celebration, showing someone they are loved and appreciated on special occasions or with spontaneous reminders. It’s what we do best – gifting is quite literally at our centre – and we want you to know that you can trust us with your most precious moments and let us help you mark whatever it is you’re celebrating. Every time you come to us for a heartfelt personalised gift you can be sure we will offer you something unique and special.

Our keepsakes are tokens of love in so many forms, passed on from the giver to the receiver, and are made to be treasured for years to come. Their quality gives them longevity and they age with you as you move through life, loving them each day and holding them with you as you make more memories with the people around you. They are reminders of the person who chose them for you, the reason they celebrated you, and the moments you shared together. When you have created a new story to tell, we can help you celebrate all over again.

Our small business has come on a long way since we first launched in 2012 (who remembers the days of Made Lovingly Made?) and this rebrand is the start of our next chapter. So what can you expect from Create Gift Love as we move forward? The same high quality, beautifully made, personalised keepsakes that you know us for – handcrafted in our New Forest workshop from sustainably sourced wood and leather. That will never change. You can expect our lovely new logo and colours across our website, social platforms, emails and packaging (although the transition will take a little while so if you spot our old logo, that’s still us too!), and you can expect a bit more of us.

A bit more from behind the scenes so you can see who we are and learn about our stories: about what inspired our designs, how your gifts were made and who made them, too. We often say that our gifts are as unique as the people that made them and the person who owns them, and in a way every item is a combination of the two. Our keepsakes start with us – a new idea from someone in our team, inspired by their own memories and experiences – and finish with you, making them entirely your own by capturing your precious moments with words and pictures. There’s a bit of both us and you in everything we do, and we want Create Gift Love to feel like a scrapbook of memories and stories, yours and ours.

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