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Our Personalised Leather Purse Range: A Product Development Story

Our Personalised Leather Purse Range: A Product Development Story

Our Personalised Leather Purse Range: A Product Development Story

The last couple of months have been really exciting for us at Create Gift Love, with the launch of our printed personalised coin purse range over the summer. You guys have been so positive about all our designs, but it was the leopard print that shone through as most popular by far, so much so that we decided to make a full-size leopard print origami purse. They make a great gift for friends or a payday self-purchase treat, and fit right in with this year’s animal print trend. And did we mention they’re personalised?!

As all our products are designed in-house and made to order in our workshop, it means that we can quickly respond to new trends and your suggestions, so when a few of you asked if we could make our leopard purse in a bigger size we hopped to it! Looking back, our purses have been on quite a development journey in the last two years so with this in mind we thought we’d show you a little about our product development and how the range came to be.



We take time over every aspect of the design process to make sure the finished product is the best it can possibly be, from the sourcing of our UK leather to hand-illustrating lots of potential patterns for trials and testing. Over time we have developed a clever origami design which means that our purses can be made from one piece of beautiful leather and a series of careful folds – no stitching required.



We introduced our first range of engraved purses back in 2016, with intricate rose and geometric design options, then later added the simple blush pink version, which was one of our first dives into the exciting world of coloured leather. The original design of our origami purses has hardly altered since we first introduced them; with two main compartments, three card slots and personalised gold monogram initials on the front flap, they are perfect for everyday use.



The range really came to life this year with the launch of our coin purses, which you guys have been loving. The smaller coin purses are perfect for holidays or nights out when you only need a couple of cards and cash, and they make great gifts for her. Introducing new colours like the blush pink, mint green and blue meant that we had a purse to suit everyone and scaling them down to the smaller size gave us a chance to test out different colours to see which ones our customers liked the most. (And they’re personalised too!)



But after finalising the design and introducing the new colours, the most exciting development by far was our printed range. Hearts, spots, leaves and leopard print made up the first collection, all stamped with gold initials and secret messages on the inside. By now you know how the story goes after that – it was time to scale up again and combine our original large design with our new leopard print… tada! The Leopard Origami Purse was born.



We’ve got so many ideas for new collections, limited edition prints and products to develop in the coming months and we’re excited about where it will go next. Any design suggestions, let us know, and if you want to take a look at the range just click here.

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