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Plastic-free Packaging at Create Gift Love

Plastic-free Packaging at Create Gift Love

Plastic-free Packaging at Create Gift Love


Being sustainable has always been a priority for us, from the sourcing of our natural raw materials to our energy usage in the workshop and being responsible with our waste. It’s always been important to minimise our impact on the environment where possible. We support the Woodland Trust who do great work protecting and restoring our forests, and we only use wood that is FSC certified to ensure it comes from sustainably managed forests.

In the last couple of years there has been an increasing amount of attention on excess unnecessary packaging or, more specifically, on single use plastics. It’s great that we’re all becoming more aware of this and to see lots of small businesses switching to more eco-friendly alternatives. With this is mind we want to take a moment to talk through our packaging usage and what we’re doing to make a difference.

First things first, you won’t ever find our products being posted out in polythene mailbags or cellophane wrap. Anything that’s small enough to fit through your letterbox (and that’s the majority of our products) is sent in a padded envelope made from FSC certified paper, stamped with their logo of approval. Our envelopes are completely recyclable and no solvents are used in the production and printing of them. If your order is too big for an envelope we will post it in a cardboard wrap or well-fitting box which, again, can go straight in your recycling bin.

If it’s a delicate item that needs a bit of protection we’ll cushion it with tissue or natural crinkle cut paper filler, not polystyrene. You may find bubble wrap in your package on the odd occasion but be assured that this will always have been reused - if its come through our door as part of our incoming post we save it and use it again to make the most of its life.

The gift boxes we use are made from fully recycled materials and can of course be recycled themselves too. They are lined with velvet covered foam inserts which cannot currently be recycled but the good news is they can be used for gift wrapping again, meaning there’s no need for them to go to waste.

We know there is always more to do when it comes to sustainable living but by making plastics a priority we are proudly taking steps in the right direction and fighting the war on waste. When you shop with us you know that what you receive will be made up of items that are either natural, recycled or reusable, and that’s pretty great.

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