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Plastic-Free Packaging at Create Gift Love

Plastic-Free Packaging at Create Gift Love

Plastic-Free Packaging at Create Gift Love

Create Gift Love put sustainability first. It’s always been incredibly important to us to be an environmentally friendly small business and we prioritise sustainability in all we do, from our materials to our production methods and the way we power our workshop.

Looking after the planet should be something everyone is working towards, and one easy action online retailers can take is reassessing their product packaging. We’re really pleased to see that plastic free packaging options are becoming more widely available and accessible, and it looks like excessive bubble wrapping and single use plastic padding might be becoming a thing of the past. Our packaging has been completely plastic-fee for a few years now while still being secure, protective and looking great. In this blog post we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from a Create Gift Love package and how to recycle your packaging, as well as a run-down of our personalised packaging options.



How are Create Gift Love orders packaged?

As we mentioned, all our Create Gift Love orders are packaged completely plastic free – there’s no cellophane, bubble wrap or polybags in sight! Almost all our gifts are small enough to fit through your letterbox and are packaged in Enviroflute eco padded envelopes. Enviroflute call themselves “the world’s most environmentally friendly padded bags”. They’re made from FSC certified paper with a corrugated paper lining to protect your gifts inside. Our envelopes are recyclable, biodegradable and super slim, which makes them more environmentally friendly to store and transport. Any gifts that are bigger than envelope size are packaged in cardboard sleeves, which again can be easily recycled.

Inside the postal packaging we use a mix of kraft card pillow boxes and reusable gift bags, made from sustainably sourced hessian. We choose the best fitting packaging for each product and make sure they are packaged ready for gift giving, so they look the part when they arrive at your door, while also being sustainably wrapped and plastic free.


What are your packaging upgrades and are they plastic-free?

We’re all about the finishing touches and personal details that make the gifting experience that bit more special, and our personalised packaging upgrades make it super easy for you. If you choose one of our £3.50 packaging upgrades your order will arrive in a beautiful hessian gift bag with two leather gift tags attached: one with a greeting and another personalised for the recipient.

The gift tags are made from leather off-cuts left over from the leather gifts we make in the workshop. We believe that nothing good should go to waste, so we make sure to make the most of every leather hide. We will print the recipient’s name on their tag to make a beautiful extra keepsake for them, and a small tag to mark the occasion. You can choose from Congrats, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Hello, I Love You, Sending Love and recently added Happy Father’s Day, available until the end of June.


Can I recycle your packaging?

You can recycle or reuse everything we send you, so you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint when you shop with us. Our envelopes and cardboard sleeves can go straight in your recycling, or you can keep them to reuse next time you have something to post (after you’ve removed your address label, of course). We don’t stuff your packages full of flyers either, just your order invoice and a little “thank you” card from us. We’re working on a plan to go completely paperless soon too, so our packaging will be getting even more minimal!

Your gift bags and gift boxes can be used for storing your keepsakes or for wrapping another gift for someone new, or you could repurpose them around the house. We happen to know that our hessian bags make excellent mask holders, peg bags, or storage for your odds and ends. We’re all for multi-purpose and we’d love to know how you reuse your CGL packaging. 


We’ve been a sustainable small business right from the beginning and we’re always looking for ways to do things even better. Just another reason to shop with Create Gift Love.

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