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5 Reasons Why You Need More Photographs in Your Home

5 Reasons Why You Need More Photographs in Your Home

5 Reasons Why You Need More Photographs in Your Home

We all take more photographs now than ever before. Smartphones and digital cameras mean that some days we’ll have taken more photographs before breakfast (or even of breakfast) than would have fitted on your entire roll of film in the 90s, when 36 photographs was meant to last you for a whole week’s holiday. But even though our lives are constantly photographed and taking quick snaps is more accessible than ever, how often do we actually look back at them? And how often do we hold them in our hands, when “album” now means a collection of computer files rather than a physical object?

In a recent poll we ran on Instagram, an incredible 100% of respondents told us they preferred having physical photographs to digital copies, yet 67% said they never get round to having their photos printed. Most of us are probably the same, we love the idea of displaying pictures round our homes and having friendly faces on every shelf, but we’re usually too busy to make it a priority, or we just can’t narrow down our favourites from the thousands stored on our phones (things sure were easier when there was only 36 to choose from!).

From photo books to gallery walls and personalised homeware printed with your photographs, there are so many way to be creative with your picture displays. Plus, displaying photographs in the home has a whole host of benefits, some of which might surprise you. Here are just five reasons why we think you should set aside half an hour and organise some photo prints for your home:

1. Photographs help us to form stronger memories

Memory is a funny old thing. How often have you felt you have a super clear recollection of a family holiday from when you were five, only to realise that what you’re actually remembering is a photograph of that holiday you’ve seen time and time again. When you try to think back to a particular time in your life or to remember someone you’ve lost, you’ll often conjure a specific still image in your mind that reminds you of them. If you close your eyes right now you can probably picture the photo frame your Grandma kept on her mantelpiece, or the passport headshot your Dad always carried in his wallet. Having new photographs around the home will cement them in your mind, meaning that years from now you’ll be able to picture those memories as clearly as when the photograph was taken.

2. Displaying photos makes the home more homely

It seems like an obvious thing to point out, but having photographs of your friends and family around the home will really help to put your stamp on it, especially if it’s a rented place that you can’t quite redecorate as you’d like to. With our time spent at home increasing rapidly over the last year, it’s important that where you live feels like somewhere you want to be. Adding photographs and friendly faces in all the little nooks of your home will make it feel more lived in and less like a showroom for sure.

 3. Feelings of nostalgia can benefit our wellbeing

Whether it’s an afternoon spent flicking through the family albums or a quiet moment looking at the framed picture on your desk, photographs often make us feel nostalgic for a particular time in our lives. Studies have shown that feelings of nostalgia can improve our mood, relieve stress and promote positive mental health. Leading psychologists also believe that nostalgia and reflecting on memories has helped people to cope during the pandemic, offering comfort during time of loss, anxiety, isolation and uncertainty, so having those pictures around can really make a difference to your day.

4. Gallery walls can help create a family timeline

Sometimes life can feel a bit “blink and you miss it”, especially when you have young children. They rapidly change right before your eyes, and before you know it you’ve all grown and aged another year. Much like a the height charts we used to pencil on the back of the door, creating a gallery wall to show your favourite family moments helps to keep track of all the changes in your little ones. Our hexagon wall art set is perfect for creating a timeline, you can add more pieces as the years go on and put your special photographs pride of place.

5. Family photographs can help children’s self-esteem

Research has shown that children’s self-esteem can be improved when they are surrounded by photographs, particularly in the home. Seeing pictures of them with their family everyday helps to ground children and make them feel part of a family unit, giving them confidence that they are loved, cared about and important. What better gift can there be?


If you’re looking for creative ways to display photos around the home, check out our range of personalised photo wall art and picture blocks. Every item is handcrafted in our UK workshop and personalised for the recipient, so whether it’s for your own home or a gift for someone special, you can benefit from all the wonderful things photographs have to offer us.  

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