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Leap Year Loving

Leap Year Loving

 Leap Year at Create Gift Love

So 2016 is officially a leap year! Once every four years we have an extra day in February and on the 29th of the month, by tradition, women can propose to men. According to Irish legend, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick in order to balance the traditional roles of men and women. This in turn meant that women could ask men for their hand in marriage, similarly to how a leap year balances the calendar. Of course, this is just folk law but it's very much still considered a day of love and there are many women embracing the legend.

With this in mind we decided to launch the #woodyou campaign, you can read more about it here. We wanted to help people pop the question in a unique way using our novel Will You Marry Me Magnet. So here's one of our beautifully, romantic proposal stories....food for thought if you're thinking of popping the question. Happy Leap Year! 

Amanda and Lee, Eastbourne


1. Where and when did you first meet your partner?

Myself and Lee met online after us both going through an awful break up. We both had children from a previous relationship so we knew how important it was to get things right. We took things slow and met each other's children...the rest is history.

2. What makes him so special?

Lee is one of the most caring human beings I've ever met. He works ridiculously hard and is a builder of all trades and is very handy at home! He is so generous and surprising all in one. He loves to surprise us with little trips away and always puts other people first.

3. When did you know you wanted to marry him and why?

I knew I had met the most perfect man from the first day we met. I knew I wanted to marry him when he told me he wanted to make sure all of his and our children would be old enough to be at the wedding and play vital roles. He has already asked his 11 year old son to be his best man. He doesn't want a ridiculously expensive wedding and neither do I, as long as all of our family are there it won't matter how big and expensive it is! 

4. Tell us about your magical proposal

I've been planning the proposal for months. I decided I wanted to make everything super special and surprise him when he finished work. I purchased loads of hand made items online, Lee doesn't wear rings so I had to guess his ring size. I actually tried the ring on him while he was sleeping! I was worried I had it totally wrong but it was perfect. I also used the magnet from Create Gift Love and placed this next to the ring. I laid everything out for when he came home (see image).
When Lee walked in from work he was totally shocked and gave me the biggest kiss and cuddle. He told me that even if I had only bought him a ring he still would have said yes. Now that's a keeper! It was the most magical night and I am now looking forward to becoming Mrs Green. 

Leap Year Proposals Create Gift Love

5. Why did you decide to propose? Would you have preferred it to have been the other way round?

I wanted to propose because I'm the brave sort. Once I get an idea in my head I'll stick with it. I pictured it the way I wanted it to happen and it was honestly perfect. If Lee was to have proposed to me of course I would have said yes too.

6. Have you discussed any wedding plans, if so when is the big day likely to be?

We have spoken a little about our wedding. I even joked about applying for 'Don't Tell The Bride'! I told him I wouldn't mind where we marry as long as I can make all of the decorations and make things perfect. We reckon we will marry in the next two years.

7. What are you most looking forward to in your future together?

I'm looking forward to growing old with the man I love and watching our little family grow. We are so dedicated to our children and we always put them first. I'd also love my newborn daughter to be my bridesmaid along with my sister who has a lot of health issues.

8. Sum your partner up in 3 words.

Spontaneous, gorgeous and dedicated.



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