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5 Year Anniversary Gifts - Wooden Anniversary

5th wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with gifts made of wood. Mark your 5 year milestone with thoughtful, personalised wooden gifts and keepsakes, from engraved wooden keyrings to personalised wedding photo displays.

All personalised 5th anniversary gifts are handmade by us here in the New Forest, UK, and are available with next-day delivery.

5th Wedding Anniversay Gift FAQs

What is the traditional 5th anniversary gift?

Wood is the traditional gift given on a fifth wedding anniversary.

Popular traditional 5 year anniversary gifts include wooden chopping boards, furniture, photo frames and memory boxes. A more modern twist on the 5th wedding anniversary gift would be a personalised keepsake made of wood, such as the wooden keyrings and coasters we make at Create Gift Love.

Why is wood the traditional 5 year anniversary gift?

The fifth wedding anniversary is celebrated with a wooden gift because wood is a material which represents strength, wisdom and stability, due to its association with trees. It is thought that by the 5th wedding anniversary, a relationship will have its roots firmly planted, and a wooden gift symbolises the depth of understanding shared between the couple.

Much like a happy marriage, a strong tree can weather any storm, withstanding whatever is thrown at it. This strength and stability makes wood a meaningful 5th wedding anniversary gift.

What should I do for my fifth anniversary?

Giving your loving wife or husband a wooden wedding anniversary gift is the most traditional way to celebrate 5 years of marriage (and if you’re looking for 5th anniversary gift ideas, you’re in the right place!). Another way to celebrate your 5 year anniversary could be a weekend trip or date inspired by the 5th anniversary themes, such as an overnight stay in a treehouse or a romantic walk in the forest.