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Where did your coin purses go?

Where did your coin purses go?

Where did your coin purses go?

Our personalised leather coin purses now live at Sbri

If you’ve been shopping with Create Gift Love for a while you will probably be familiar with our range of personalised leather coin purses, including our mint green, blush pink and leopard print designs. You might have even received one as a gift yourself (they are the perfect present for her, after all!).

In the last few months you may have noticed a purse-shaped hole on the Create Gift Love website but don’t worry, our purses are still available. So, if you’ve been wondering where the coin purses went, it’s time to visit our sister website: Sbri.

We launched Sbri in February 2020 as the new home of our personalised leather purses, bags and travel accessories. ‘Sbri’ is the Welsh word for ‘fun’ and as a brand we’re all about the little extras in life that add joy to the everyday, like warm sun on your face, cream in your coffee and leopard print in your pocket.

Separating the two brands has given the Create Gift Love product range a chance to go back to its roots in personalised gifting, where we started in 2012. The home of handmade keepsake gifts which celebrate memories, achievements and special occasions, big and small.

Everything you can find on Sbri and Create Gift Love is made right here under one roof by our team the New Forest, UK. Every item is handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials and personalised for you, just like it always has been. 

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