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The rise of the baby shower

The rise of the baby shower

Little over five years ago the 'baby shower' was fairly unknown here in the UK. It was often associated with middle-class American women who gifted their expectant friends with baby items on the lead up to the arrival of their newborn. An afternoon consisted of rattles, blankets, babygrows and copious amounts of cupcakes but this trend is now booming across the pond and is quickly becoming one of the most frequented celebrations throughout the year. 

It's almost a given that first-time mothers will be thrown a baby shower before the arrival of their little one but a surge in gatherings for men is the new 'big thing'. In 2015, Pinterest reported the search term 'man showers' increased by 149% and had even taken on monikers such as 'Dad-chelor parties' and 'Huggies and Chuggies'. Mostly, men have reported using the celebrations as a reason to get together with their mates before they become otherwise engaged. To read more on this click here. 


It's estimated that on average people spend between £30-50 on gifts at a baby shower but you can spend as little or as much as you like because after all it's about wishing the expectant mother (or father) good health and luck in welcoming their unborn child into the world. At Create Gift Love we offer a variety of personalised and more importantly, sentimental gifts, that offer a unique alternative to the standard babygrow! 

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