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Meet the Team: Georgia, Creative Assistant

Meet the Team: Georgia, Creative Assistant


Here at Create Gift Love each of our team members play an important part in ensuring the success of the business. Our 'Meet the Team' feature will give a more in-depth overview of what we do, how we work together and what it feels like to be one big happy family! This time it's the turn of our newest team member, Georgia, our Creative Assistant. 

How long have you worked at Create Gift Love?

Only two months so far but the time has flown by.

What's your background and how did you end up working with wood?!

I graduated from university last year with a degree in English and I always knew I wanted to incorporate writing and creativity in my career as it's what I have always enjoyed the most. After long months of job searching it was a dream come true to be offered the Creative Assistant position! I get to spend all day writing about our gorgeous, ethical products and getting involved with lots of exciting creative aspects.

What's your favourite product and why?

I love our photo display products such as our Photo Blocks and new Acrylic Frames. I'm really guilty of leaving all my photographs lurking on my phone and old memory cards so I think these products are such a lovely idea. 

Describe a day in the office/workshop.

I get into the office at 8am and start the day by answering all the customer enquiries and emails that have come in. Once these are finished I tend to spend some time updating and adding to our Pinterest boards and seeing what the current trends are. The rest of my day is usually dedicated to writing new product descriptions, managing and creating online content such as blog posts, and drafting copy for other areas of the website. My desk is covered in an array of notebooks and I'm always scribbling down notes and ideas for new content!

I help out with photography from time to time and recently I've been packaging up customer orders when we've been busy. No two days are the same and I like lending my hand to lots of different things. 

What are the busiest times of the year for you?

We've just got through Mother's Day week which has been my first real taste of a busy period, but I've been thoroughly warned about Father's Day and Christmas so I've got that to look forward to! There's always lots going on though and we're planning and preparing for busy periods far in advance.


What's the most challenging aspect of your job?

Putting our products into words in new and interesting ways. They're all so wonderfully unique and it can be quite a task to make sure my product descriptions do them justice!

What's the best thing about working at Create Gift Love?

Being surrounded by creativity every day when I come into work - it's a pretty great environment to be in.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Imaginative, organised, enthusiastic!


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