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Why the re-brand from Made Lovingly Made to Create Gift Love?

Why the re-brand from Made Lovingly Made to Create Gift Love?
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Why the re-brand? Good question! Well there are several reasons behind us changing the company name to Create Gift Love, as much as we love our heritage and the back story of how we began (read here) we had to acknowledge the sustainability of our future.

Companies with derivatives of the name 'Made Lovingly Made' already exist in the consumer landscape such as a rather lovely vintage furniture company 'Lovingly Made'. The well-known brand 'Clover' also uses the tagline 'Lovingly made with buttermilk for a delicious buttery taste', so it was fast becoming difficult to protect our brand and trademark the 'Made Lovingly Made' name. 

With this in mind we spent months of agonising choosing a name that says what we do as a company in a nutshell. We needed to combine three aspects of our business: the fact that everything is created in our little workshop on-site, we specialise in making personalised gifts and our products showcase sentimental memories full of love. Drawing inspiration from our brother company Man Gun Bear and a nod to our three-word name heritage, Create Gift Love was born.

Along with a re-brand came the necessity for a user-friendly, sophisticated website that would be the 'go to' place for personalised, high quality giftable items. We have created a new colour palette that speaks to both men and woman and compliments our material of choice: wood! We've also created even more product categories for specific occasions and recipients so finding your ideal gift has never been so easy.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and we hope you enjoy the new experience at Create Gift Love.
Create Gift Love Team x


  • Looking forward to seeing the new innovation!

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