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Meet the Team: Katie, Designer

Meet the Team: Katie, Designer

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Here at Create Gift Love each of our team members plays an important part in ensuring the success of the business. Our 'Meet the Team' feature will give an in-depth overview of what we do, how we work together and what it feels like to be one big happy family! This week is Product Developer and Graphic Designer Katie.

How long have you worked at Create Gift Love?

Just 3 months so far....3 great but very busy months!

What’s your background and how did you end up working with wood?!

I studied Fashion Illustration at University and since graduating I have designed magazines and arts and crafts products. I’m a crafty person by nature and have always wanted to work for a company with an ethical approach. Working with wood is a real treat, as it’s so versatile and has a natural charm.

What’s your favourite product and why?

Personalised Leather Clutch Bag because it's simply divine and leather smells so good! 

Describe a day in the office/workshop.

The day always begins with a coffee as I’m still adjusting to the 8am start! I spend most of my day designing products for various occasions which won’t even be on our customer's radar yet, eg. Father’s Day in October! I also work on making the website as inviting as possible and produce various marketing and social media graphics alongside our Marketing Manager Liz. During December I have been helping to process all of the artwork for Christmas which has been challenging with in excess of 800 orders per day. However, it has given me a real insight into how the business operates and how everyone works together as a team to produce such high quality, lovely gifts.

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What are the busiest times of the year for you?

Christmas and Father’s Day are the most hectic times of year from an order perspective but I have lots of exciting projects that I will be involved in from January such as expanding our Wedding Collection.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Being on trend with desirable products but keeping my designs original, is the biggest challenge that I face daily. There’s a lot of lovely things out there and I need to make sure ours are even lovelier!

What’s the best thing about working at Create Gift Love?

I get to be so creative every single day and that’s all any designer wants from their job.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative, short, tea-aholic!

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