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National 'I Forgot' Day

National 'I Forgot' Day


Yes this day really exists and we are super excited that it does! Apparently the average adult forgets a key fact, date or event three times a day. But here at Create Gift Love we can make sure that you always remember with our Never Forget range which includes keyrings, coasters and magnets personalised with a special date, event or memory important to you. How many times have you forgotten someone's name, a birthday or even your own age?! We thought we would share the top 25 most forgotten occurrences that happen throughout the day, how many can you relate to?

Top 25 'Most Forgotten' Occurrences 

1. Letting a hot cup of tea go cold

2. Where you put your keys

3. What you went to the shop for

4. Washing in the washing machine

5. Taking food out of the freezer

6. Charging your mobile / iPod

7. Not swearing in front of the kids

8. Replacing toilet roll

9. Where you parked the car

10. Friend's kids birthday

11. Watering the plants

12. Your age

13. Friend's birthday

14. Recording your favourite programme

15. Burning toast

16. Write a thank you letter

17. Names of friend's children

18. Buying milk

19. Locking the car

20. Where you put your wallet

21. Food in the oven

22. Buy a lottery ticket

23. Put the toilet seat down

24. Take the washing in

25. Turn off a tap

Source: The Telegraph, 23 July 2009

On a serious note, if you ever do feel more forgetful than usual there is lots of support out there and people who will be able to help, click here for more information about the Alzheimer's Society.

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