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Welcome to the world little one

It's one of the most magical things in life and something that is highly regarded as being most people's biggest achievement, that's why we love creating beautiful, personalised baby gifts here at Create Gift Love. Decorating the baby's nursery is always top of the list of things to do and our wooden Honeycomb Wall Art is the ideal accessory. It comes in 3 different colours: Pink, Blue and Grey to suit all new arrivals. The Family Tree Keepsake Box is a wonderful way to store memories for the new arrival once they grow up and can reminisce. Let's not forget doting mum and dad who can cherish their new bundle of joy with a Day you became my...keyring and carry it around with them...

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National 'I Forgot' Day

  Yes this day really exists and we are super excited that it does! Apparently the average adult forgets a key fact, date or event three times a day. But here at Create Gift Love we can make sure that you always remember with our Never Forget range which includes keyrings, coasters and magnets personalised with a special date, event or memory important to you. How many times have you forgotten someone's name, a birthday or even your own age?! We thought we would share the top 25 most forgotten occurrences that happen throughout the day, how many can you relate to? Top 25 'Most Forgotten' Occurrences  1. Letting a hot cup of tea go cold 2. Where you put your...

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The beginning of Create Gift Love (formerly Made Lovingly Made)

To celebrate International Women's Day we wanted to share Emily's story of how her dream became a all started with a red sofa! Emily Carr, along with husband Tony, started Create Gift Love or what we used be known as 'Made Lovingly Made' in 2012. It is difficult to say the exact date of when Create Gift Love began but there are two key moments that stand out. It was Christmas 2011 and Emily decided to make handmade gifts for all of her family and friends. The ladies received scented candles and bath salts, while the men received wooden cufflinks. The cufflinks were a huge hit and unbeknown to Emily back then, would go on to be Made Lovingly Made's first ever product....

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