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What's your life story?



Here at Create Gift Love we're all about the memories! We make sentimental gifts to celebrate all occasions and milestones in people's lives and we've decided to start a social campaign to shout about your actual life stories.

We'd love to hear about your marriage proposal or perhaps a momentous gap year, the birth of your first child or bagging the job of your dreams. Whatever your special moment is, we'd love to document it in our social feed.

All we need from you is some rough dates, what happened and even better any photos you want to share with us! We'll create your 'life journey' through a series of social media posts and to say thanks for contributing we'll give you a FREE Polaroid Block.

Here's an example:

2002 Dan and Katie meet at college

2003 Our first kiss!

2013 Bought our first house together and got engaged on the same day!

2014 Got married

2017 To be continued....

Send any contributions to with the subject line 'Life story' or simply comment below :) 

Create Gift Love Team xxx


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