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With graduation and exam results season firmly upon us it's always difficult to think of a unique congratulations gift for loved ones and friends. But fear not, at Create Gift Love we have a range of high quality, personalised items such as our Pewter Hipflasks and Cufflinks as well our Personalised Keyrings for all occasions.

Personalised Pewter Hipflask Congratulations

It's somewhat tradition to buy gifts to congratulate family and friends here in the UK but have you ever wondered how other nationalities celebrate certain life events other than giving gifts? From the obscure to the down right genius, here's something to make you smile:

Argentina: When graduating from high school you'd think it would all be fun and games but no such luck. Once you walk out of school, friends and family are waiting to throw sticky food at you including ketchup, syrup, pepper and yoghurt! Plus they have scissors to cut up your clothes. We aren't sure if this sounds like a celebration or a nightmare!

Sweden: Graduation is a big deal in Sweden and it's a rite of passage for the person graduating to be sung and chanted to as they leave college for the last time. They then jump onto a float/truck and are driven through the town drinking champagne whilst having a huge street party. Sounds awesome!

Japan: Singing is a huge part of the curriculum in Japan and at the graduation ceremony it is tradition to sing the national anthem followed by the city song and then school song.

Norway: In Norway, tradition has it that all students are bought a broken down car which is then painted in the colours that best reflects their area of study. The student then attends the graduation ceremony wearing an outfit the same colour as their car. On May 17th each year, seniors are allowed to do illegal things without being charged for any crime by the police! Is this for real?

Should you be graduating this year or if you've just received your GCSE or A-Level results, then good luck for your future career or university life ahead. Just remember getting the best grades aren't everything but being the best you can be is.


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