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What does personalisation mean to you?


At Create Gift Love we know that everyone is different and that's what we love about the world! That's why personalisation is so unique as it's a great form of expression and we see thousands of variations to our products on a weekly basis. From beautiful sentiments to funny anecdotes and everything in between, not one of our products is the same and that goes for the wood grain too! It makes for an exciting environment to work in and we are forever amazed at the choices of photos, messages and even names that our customers personalise their gifts with. As Emily explains:

'Knowing someone has put thought into a gift means so much more than how much they've spent. You can't put a price on sentimentality! Our 'Never Forget Keyring' is one of our best selling products and for many mums and dads this is the first gift they have ever received as a parent. To receive the keyring with 'mummy' or 'daddy' engraved on it with a bespoke message is the best feeling in the world'.


As mentioned, we have received a huge variety of personalisation options over the years so we thought we would share some of our favourites with you:

'Thank you for not swiping left' - Modern dating on Tinder, we love it!

'(Date of birthday) So now you have no excuse' - Someone has been in the dog house.

'You're the best daddy in the whole wide can I have a car?!' - Cheeky!

'Three words, eight letters, one meaning' - Romance lives on.

'A great marriage isn't something that just happens, it is something that is created' - Too true.

'(Date of marriage) Fancy meeting at the alter at 2pm?!' - What a way to ask!

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